Yemen: Militias expand in the north and south, become more belligerent

Yemen: Militias expand in the north and south, become more belligerent

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

 Yemen's Shia Houthi terrorists controlling most north Yemen conducted a new military parade in Al-Sabeen Square Sana'a on Thursday showing new tanks, artillery and hundreds of fighters the militia call newly graduated "Presidential Guards." The show comes at a time when the militia keep violating a tenuous truce and repeatedly threaten to not agree on any new extension of the current truce (which played into their hands without them offering any concession) and threaten to target oil facilities as soon as the two-month truce expires.

To the country's southeast in the same day, another Ar.a.b. coa*li.tion-backed. militia known as the Southern Transitional Council captured provincial capital of Shabwa, Ataq, after battling the regular government troops and forcing them out with the assistance of Emirati drone airstrikes.

The separatist militias are now deporting northern Yemenis, looting evicted properties, arbitrarily rounding up civilians to jails and trying to expand further east toward Al-Abr and Sayoon areas of Hadhrmout which may culminate in their capture of a port of entry in the Yemeni-Saudi border. Armed drones conducted what seemed to be preparatory airstrikes yesterday (Friday) along the desert road from Ataq to Al-Abr. The mentioned abuses they commit where they have reached are not all. The militias being naturally rogue are now locked in internal fighting between their different factions in Shabwa's capital which until the Emirati militias' invasion was one of the remaining few safe cities in Yemen.

The Emi/rates-aligned governor who, months ago, replaced Mohammed Bin Edeiw, the pioneer of Sabwah's outstanding success story , began fermenting strife from his day one in office and led Thursday's bloody coup-like overthrow of  the government forces in charge of the city and replaement with unruly militias, exploiting the colllusion of the Sau.di created "presidential council."

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