The militias inaugurate assassinations in Shabwa: Press summary

The militias inaugurate assassinations in Shabwa: Press summary

  1. The paramilitary Southern Transitional Council assassinated political activist Hammam bin Laksar in Al-Rowdha area of Shabwa today, Thursday, a day after the UAE-backed militia seized control of the province. The militiamen opened fire on bin Laksar's car rendering him dead on the spot /Aden News and other websites enclosing the slain man's picture.
  2. A child was killed while by a Houthi-laid landmine while herding goats in the besieged city of Taiz today/Multiple websites
  3. Seven Houthi terror cells have been arrested in the western coast/Alsahel Agharbi
  4. Marib's gas-powered plant is out of service due to an explosion/Multiple websites
  5. The [illegally sacked] governor of Shabwa Bin Edeiw condemns the separatist raid and foreign aerial aid that led to the city's capture from the regular government forces/Multiple websites.
  6. Bin Edeiw calls for countering UAE interference in Shabwa/Eejaz Press website
  7. Tribes group to prepare for defending Shabwa's capital from invading separatists. The separatist Brigades forces set up checkpoints in the city's entrances/Yemen Voice
  8. Member of the so-called presidential council Ali Al-Alimi resigns over the attacks with UAE airstrikes that led to the separatists' capture of Shabwa's provincial capital./Multiple websites
  9. Hostages who keep dying shortly after release from Houthi jails: Mysterious lethal injections as a noiseless way of execution./Alsahwa Net.
  10. The army repels a massive Houthi attack south of Marib/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  11. Fifty two government troops were killed by UAE drones aiding separatist fighters in Shawa yesterday./Multiple websites
  12. Dep. parliament speaker Abdulaziz Jubari says the presidential coun.cil is not constitutional and is being employed as a tool to divide the country./Almahriya.
  13. The former Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maysari says Yemenis have new options in the face of the conspiracy that continues to capture cities from the government and led yesterday to the fall of a new province (Shabwa) to separatists./Almahriya
  14. All Yemenis are infuriated as foreign countries use their warplanes to end the government's control over cities in Yemen and future consequences are unpredictable/Marib Gate of Victory and other websites.


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