Civilians killed and injured in Yemen's new war: Reports

Civilians killed and injured in Yemen's new war: Reports

Several civilians were killed and injured in confrontations in Yemen's southeastern province of Shabwa as the U*E and the separatist militias they back tried to capture the provincial capital from government forces.

Local sources said the Shabwa "Defense Forces" and Brigades militias indiscriminately shelled the neighborhoods of Ataq, relatively a newly built city and a rare safe oasis in war-torn Yemen where thousands of IDPs reside.

Warplanes and unmanned drones backing the rogue militias shelled the positions of the governmental forces and snipers from the militia shot whatever moved in the city's main streets killing 15 civilians including two women and injuring several others this Wednesday morning, sources have said.

 Local sources said thousands of civilians have been issuing distress calls from their homes in panic and some families were seen traveling light and in hurry for fear of their lives.

The clashes were triggered after the U*A.E-appointed governor for Shabwa masterminded assassination attempts against government forces commanders this month and the Sa*u.di-appointed presidential council for Yemen took the governor's side. The governor led the confrontations and enlisted in the fight tribesmen from further southern Dhale'a and Yafe'a region, provoking regionalist allergy amongst Shabwa local tribesmen who joined the government forces' side.

Edited by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

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