Separatists arbitrarily arrest Taiz passengers in southeast Yemen

Separatists arbitrarily arrest Taiz passengers in southeast Yemen

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Separatists known as the Defense Forces of Shabwa in southeastern Yemen have been arresting most of the passengers who hail from the besieged city of Taiz, local sources said on Sunday.

The sources said the paramilitary militias who recently took over the road checkpoints from government forces force Taizi passengers travelling to Shabwa or beyond or coming back to their home city and throwing them in jail labeling them as "vandals."

The Defense Forces are part of the separatist Shabwani Elite and Southern Transitional Council, unruly militias created by the U*E and Sau*di Arabia on the international community's behalf to make sure that the territories of Yemen outside the Shia Houthis' control remain unstable!

The international terrorist is exacting the heaviest price on the besieged city of Taiz and its people who are known for pioneering the national resistance against the Shiit terrorism.

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