The Shia's eternal sectarian cleansing - Update

The Shia's eternal sectarian cleansing - Update

Despite the third extension of the so-called UN-brokered truce, Shia Houthi terrorists have never stopped their years long ethnic cleansing of people in the besieged provincial capital of Taiz and elsewhere, including by the common way of sniper shooting unsuspecting civilians in the city.


On the first day of the new truce extension, August 3, a sniper shot dead an adult civilian by the name Abdullah Hassan Sayf as he was walking back home in Kelabah neighborhood in the city. On the second day, another sniper shot dead a child by the name Amir Majed Alhaj in Same'a, a Taiz outskirt, while he was strolling through Mawkiaa stream.


On the third day, snipers shot injured adult civilians Mohammed Mahdi Abdullah and Anar Basha Al-Absi and the two are still in the operations room in a local hospital.







  1. Houthis face food insecurity with spending wealth on recruiting armed militants and sectarian (Shiit) radicalization/Alsahwa Net


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