Houthi militias illegally prosecute 36 abductees

Houthi militias illegally prosecute 36 abductees

A Yemeni court run by the Houthi-Saleh militias on Saturday started illegally prosecuting 36 abductees in the capital Sana'a.

A rights source told Alsahwa Net that the judge threw false charges which included murder and acts of sabotages charges at the abductees.

The judge refused to give volunteering lawyers copies of the charges filed against the abductees, pushing some volunteering lawyers to leave the court.

During the session, the abductees complained that they were subjected to brutal torture inside prisons including pulling of nails and sever beating.

One abductee, Yusuf al-Bawab showed signs of torture on his body, making attendants shedding tears. However, the judge interrupted and silenced him. The second hearing will be held on Monday.

Meanwhile, a number of the abductees mothers on Saturday held a protest, denouncing the trial, but they were assaulted and dispersed by armed men.


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