The Shia's eternal sectarian cleansing

The Shia's eternal sectarian cleansing

Within 24 hours from the third extension of the UN-brokered truce in Yemen on Wednesday, Shia terrorists continued their sectarian cleansing against Sunni civilians in government-held cities at the normal rate across the country.

A Houthi sharpshooter arbitrarily shot dead an adult civilian known as Abdullah Hassan Sayf as he was walking back home in Kelabah neighborhood in the besieged provincial capital of Taiz in the first day of the extension on Wednesday.

The second day (today), a Houthi sniper shot dead a child by the name Amir Majed Alhaj in Same'a, a Taiz outskirt while he was walking in Mawkiaa stream and for no reason other than snuffing out a young Sunni soul.   

Yemen's Shia terrorists are supposed to withdraw forces and bring an overdue halt to the siege on Taiz province, as stipulated in the initial truce agreement and even prior deals with the government such as the Stockholm Agreement in 2018.

With international pressure and bias to their side, the Shia have extracted most of the country's vital cities and ports as concessions from the "government", while they stubbornly avert offering the first concession of ending the Taiz siege. From the Stockholm Agreement they gained the Hodeidah city. From the truce agreements that started in the past four months, the Arab coalition airstrikes against them stopped and they were allowed to operate Sana'a Airport and Hodeida Seaport like a sovereign state. They have not offered any concession yet and their mother (the United Nations) is showing more concern about their luxurious, overly ambitious demands than to the outcries of three million Sunni residents in Taiz who are under seven year Houthi siege.  

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