Divide and rule: Houthis fuel conflicts amongst tribes: Islah Net

Divide and rule: Houthis fuel conflicts amongst tribes: Islah Net

  1. Houthi continued fueling of conflicts among Yemeni tribes in the [northern Yemeni provinces of] Mahweet, Ibb and Amran has caused the death and injury of 30 people within four days last week / Islah Net website.
  2. The Houthi militia storm a mosque in Ibb and loot its contents/Multiple websites
  3. Houthis set up cells to smuggle contraband to Saudi Arabia/Almashehad Alyemeni
  4. Houthis begin to take personal guns away from the public in the militia's areas of control/Sawt Al-Watan
  5. Money exchange businesses in Houthi-controlled areas begin to reject the highest banknote of Saudi currency, 500, in order to force citizens to sell it cheaper./Almashehad Alyemeni
  6. Houthi terrorism and the absented voice of north Yemen/Yemeni Post
  7. Houthis killed 33 civilians during the past four months of supposed truce in Dhale'a province in south Yemen/Alsahwa Net
  8. The Council of popular Anti-Houthi Resistance Forces vows to keep resisting the Houthi militia and won't stop until the liberation of the country/Al-Ray Press and Al-Waal Alyemeni websites

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