Yemen: Shia terrorists amass forces to frontlines

Yemen: Shia terrorists amass forces to frontlines

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Yemen's Shia terrorists, known as Houthis, are amassing forces to different frontlines in the country threatening to resume large scale war against the government-held cities.

From Sana'a where the enjoy the utmost freedom to govern and plan for wars, the Shia sectarian murderers backed by a covert western- Iranian alliance have recently sent military reinforcements in all directions: to Alfakher front in Al-Dhale'a in Yemen's south, Taiz (in southwest) and Marib (in northeast).

The terrorists have also declared the graduation of three thousand fighters from a fresh training organized during the so-called "truce" which still has hours to expire.  

The spoiled Shia honored nothing in the truce agreement continuing to fight unilaterally, plant landmines, smuggle in weapons, and besiege three million Sunnis in Taiz.

Their pampering mo.ther. (the UN) meanwhile sold rhetoric and lip service to Taizis about lifting the blockade, while showing serious concern only about expanding the list of destinations for flights from the Iranian-controlled Sana'a Airport.

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