The UN-brokered truce is a dangerous stage play: Press summary

The UN-brokered truce is a dangerous stage play: Press summary

  1. A senior Yemeni official has called the UN-brokered truce in Yemen a dangerous stage play. The member of the legal team at the presidential council said: "The truce from the beginning was unilateral. "All the concessions came from the government while Houthis have been preparing for a defining battle to end the remainder of the republican system," said Ahmed Atiya/Al-Arabi Aljadeed website
  2. The Head of the Armed Forces Operations Authority at the Yemeni army Maj. Gen. Khaled Al-Ashwal says peace cannot be attained except through military option/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  3. The Yemeni government is warning of Houthi exploitation of the truce to amass weapons in the neighborhoods of Sana'a city/Alharf 28.
  4. The Houthi militia shelled Al-Saqr Sports club in the besieged city of Taiz today. No reports of casualties/Multiple websites
  5. Torrential rains in Marib sweep Houthi landmines toward the IDPs camps/Multiple websites
  6. An imminent Houthi approval to extend the truce after the militia received a precious bribe /Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. The Yemeni government accuses Houthis of planning to destroy Al-Saleh Mosque, [one of the largest in the Middle East region]/Bawabati
  8. The truce ends shaky as it began and Taiz city falls prey to Houthi intransigence and UN let down/Bawabati.
  9. Five Houthi experts have been killed while assembling a missile in Sana'a, sources said today/Multiple websites



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