Hostage dies days after release from Houthi imprisonment and torture: Press summary

Hostage dies days after release from Houthi imprisonment and torture: Press summary


  1. Young man Yaseen Sadeq died in Ibb province on Thursday, days after his release from a Houthi terrorists-run jail where he endured months of severe torture and developed diseases like stomach cancer. Scores of people have died days upon release from Houthi jails as the terrorist militia intensify their torture ahead of release./Multiple sources
  2. Family of journalist Tawfik Almansouri says their son's health is deteriorating in Houthi jail where he is subjected to torture. The family urged the UN envoy to intervene/Alsahwa Net
  3. A civilian was killed and another was injured in a Houthi shelling on villages in the central Yemen province of Taiz on Wednesday evening, local sources have said.

The terrorist militia bombarded villages in Maqbana district, west of the besieged provincial capital killing Maher Hameed 18 and wounding Mohammed Sharyan 20./Saba

  1. Two people were killed, one injured and 20 others were kidnapped in a an armed attack by the terrorist Houthi militia in Hayftayn village in Mahweet province on Monday evening./Alsahwa Net website
  2. The Yemeni rial continues to lose value against foreign currencies/Multiple websites
  3. Houhis set up a new intelligence system to counter recruitment of agents/Bawabati
  4. Houthis intensify truce violations in the western coast/Amashehad Aldowali
  5. The army downs a Houthi drone in Saada/Ababeel Net
  6. The Houthi militia are besieging the residents of Al-Khamseen zonein Sana'a. The population are appealing: open passageways for us./Almanarah Net

  7. Why are most Arab countries silent on what is happening in Yemen, Yemeni military expert Ali al-Dhahab inquires. He said the US, France and the UK are behind the mess-up in Yemen./ Aden Alghad
  8. Hezbolla leader acknowledges: We are a warring party alongside Houthis in Yemen/Multiple websites


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