Massive Taiz protest warns of truce 'that handcuffs the army, lets Houthis loose'

Massive Taiz protest warns of truce 'that handcuffs the army, lets Houthis loose'

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Thousands of people took to the streets of Yemen's central Taiz on Tuesday morning in a demonstration against the truce which is being imposed to handcuff the army while Shia terrorists are allowed to proceed with the senseless war against the city as usual.

The demonstration called for the by the Supreme Council for Resistence demanded the Sa*di and U*E-formed "presidential council" to support or allow the army to defend itself and the city which is under more than seven years of incessant terrorist war and a strangling siege, a rare oppression in today's world.

"We demand the presidential council to lead the Taiz liberation battle," read one banner. "We warn of a truce that bans the army and resistance forces from fighting while allowing the Houthi militia to keep killing civilians and besieging cities," read another.   

The protesters condemned the collusion of the UN with the Houthis as they continue to shell the city's neighborhoods and massacre its civilians incessantly while the truce is wrongly believed to be holding.

The Houthi terrorists besieging Taiz have killed thousands of civilians by direct murder methods including heavy shelling of neighborhoods, sniper shooting and planted landmines. Shelling and sniper shooting have been killing children on almost an hourly basis.

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