Children found dead in Ibb in mysterious circumstances: Press summary

Children found dead in Ibb in mysterious circumstances: Press summary

  1. A child was found dead in one of streams in Alja'aashen area in [Houthi-controlled] Ibb governorate on Monday. The child was found apparently killed by fire shooting, a day after another child was found killed in Manzel Ali village in the same governorate. The body was dumped in a water tank/Sawt Al-Watan and other websites

  2. The Yemeni presidential council says Houthis are preparing for a bloodier round of war/24 Post
  3. The lack of deterrence emboldens Houthis to perpetrate more atrocities and more violations of the truce, says Yemen's Dep. Information Minister Fayadh Al-Noaman/Alsharq Al-Awsat
  4. The army's unilateral adherence to the truce has encouraged Houthis to carry on with massacres against Taiz children, senior army general Naser Thawabah has said calling for reconsidering the army's commitment to the truce/Multiple websites
  5. The Saudi mine action program "MASAM" says it removed 1000 Houthi-laid landmines in different parts of Yemen in the third week of July/Yemen Monitor
  6. Houthis kidnap dozens of girls in Hajjah and throwthem in jails on trumped-up charges of prostitution/Multiple websites
  7. US investment in Houthi terrorism/Newsline
  8. Yemeni political parties accuse the international community of appeasing and pampering Houthis/Taiz Time
  9. Rights Radar an NGO has documented the killing of 10 thousand civilians in Houthi abuses in Taiz over the past seven years./Multiple websites
  10. Yemeni rial loses much value against the US dollar and Saudi rial/The News of Arabs


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