Houthis fuel wars in Yemen's population centers to keep tribes weak

Houthis fuel wars in Yemen's population centers to keep tribes weak

By Ali Sinan

The terrorist Houthi militia are fueling new wars in Yemen's population centers in the areas under their control to keep armed Yemeni tribes in the north weak and to guarantee that the disgruntled tribes do not rise up against the militia.

Observers say the terrorist militia have started fueling tensions and tribal armed confrontations in Bani Mansour area of Al-Haymatayn and Arahab in Sana'a, and in Ghawlat Ajib Alsowda districts in Amran.

The observers say the militia initiate conflicts or exploit civilian feuds by playing off tribes one against another and supplying them with weapons to sustain the war. One observer said the militia is now exploiting a confrontation between Abu Ahmed and Kaoot clans in Al-Sowda district in Amran. The conflict started three days ago over the borders of farms and now the Houthis have aggravated the conflict and seven people have died in the clashes including a young girl and others were injured including two girls. In Bani Mansour of Al-Haymatayn the militia is reportedly provoking the public by meddling in their religious creed and imposing the militia's puritan Shiit ideology.

The militia is also expecting an uprising among Yemeni tribes who lived long under the militia's oppression.

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