Twelve children wounded in Houthi shelling on besieged Taiz city: Press Summary

Twelve children wounded in Houthi shelling on besieged Taiz city: Press Summary


  1. Twelve children have just been wounded some of them critically in central Yemen's Taiz as Houthi terrorists besieging the city fired mortar rounds into one of its neighborhoods (Zayd Almowshiki) today. The seriously injured children are in the intensive care units of local hospitals./Multiple websites.

  2. The terrorist Houthi militia executed a civilian named Mohammed Humaydan and dumped his body in the road, three days after kidnapping him from amongst his children in Hodeidah for unknown reason/Multiple websites

    1. Two thousand settlement units have been impacted by torrential rains in Marib, the national Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps has announced/Alharf 28
    2. More than a 100 Houthi abuses against the villagers of Khubza: Kidnapping, killing and forcing (villagers) to flee/The Arab Network for News
    3. More than seventeen civilians including women and children were killed and injured by the Houthi militia in Khubza village of Al-Beidha governorate in the past two days/Several website
    4. The political parties of Al-Beidha call on the government to do something for Kuhbza village/Alsahwa Net
    5. The Houthi militia are shelling houses in Harib district of Marib with Katyucha rockets and other shells/Multiple websites


    Gathering of news and selection of picture and comment by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

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