Yemen: Shia terrorists fight more than one war at this moment, storm Sunni village

Yemen: Shia terrorists fight more than one war at this moment, storm Sunni village

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Yemen's sectarian terrorist Shia are fighting more than one hour in this moment in the country's center after striking a truce agreement with Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis, backed by a covert western-Iranian alliance, stormed Khubza mountainous village in the Sunni province of Beidha, which is under the terrorists control, after besieging it and pulverized it with tanks and rocket shelling for a whole week.

The Shia terrorists reportedly executed and enforced the disappeared of several villagers upon controlling the village and planted bombs in three houses and remotely detonated them, a common practice by the Houthis since the start of their sectarian cleansing wars 18 years ago (2004).  

Going viral today is a video of the militants laughing in pleasure after bombing one of the houses.

At the same time, the Shia terrorists intensified their war on another city in the country's center, Taiz, and several fighters have been killed since last night in Ghurab area, a western entrance to the besieged city of Taiz.

The terrorists deployed 28 military vehicles and hundreds of fighters from an off-road they have recently constructed for military purposes in the name of opening an access to the city and easing the siege.

Handcuffed the "government" in Aden limits its responses to appealing to the UN to do something, and the Shia can expect that and freely pursue their military battles in different parts of Yemen unbothered by any concerns about any consequences.   

  • Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan is a journalist and a psychological expert

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