Houthis shell village after besieging it for four days, a woman killed: Press Summary

Houthis shell village after besieging it for four days, a woman killed: Press Summary

  1. The Houthi militia have been shelling Khabza village the central Yemen governorate of Al-Beidha until this Tuesday evening, trying to storm it after besieging it for four days. A woman has been killed in the shelling. The clashes come after three Houthi militants were killed in a checkpoint near the village/Multiple websites
  2. Houthis defy the UN truce and ignite war in the first province leading a big military campaign to control a village/News of the Arab website (on the same story).
  3. A 24 year old man sustained wounds from a Houthi-laid landmine in Kelaba neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz this Tuesday /Taiz Time
  4. The commander of the Special Forces in Shabwa Abd-Rabbu Laakab has survived an assassination attempt while two of his bodyguards were injured amidst rising lawlessness in the province in recent months. Gunmen loyal to the UAE-affiliated Shabwa Defense Forces short fire on his motorcade. The militia has been mobilizing forces and trying to start a conflict with the government forces in the province /Multiple websites
  5. Shabwa's provincial capital may see street warfare in the coming hours/Crater Sky
  6. The EU regrets the Houthi refusal of the UN envoy's proposal to open roads to besieged Taiz/Saba
  7. Houthi-laid landmines leave 19 casualties within days/Nashwan News
  8. Young soldier Abdul-Elah Jarad was killed by a Houthi unmanned drone in Aljawf today/Yemen Time

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