In a few words: Will Israel or the US ever attack Iran?

In a few words: Will Israel or the US ever attack Iran?

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Decades of trading threats between the two countries, you know what the word 'decades' mean?

Every decade, every year, every month and every week they have made us feel the drum of war between them is throbbing and the region is on edge. In recent months, the faux tensions between the undercover allies appear to be at peak. The propaganda has deafened our ears on an Arab NATO said to be in the forming where Israel and Arab states will partner against Iran.

But will there be a war between Israel and the Shiit state? Or will the US ever allow a harm to touch Iran?!

I think those who buy this are too idiot to qualify to the status of humans with functioning brains.

There is no war in the present as the powerful media machine tries to brainwash us into believing through the repetition of the lie countless times year after year, and decade after decade.

And it is a safe bet to say that there will be no war between them in the future.    


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