A message to Yemenis: Look at what you demand and what the west wants

A message to Yemenis: Look at what you demand and what the west wants

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Over more than eight years, you have known sectarian Shia Houthis as the bloodiest terror organization on planet Earth.

And while you are now exhausted of demanding the world to designate the Houthis as a terrorists and deal with them as terrorists, the western commentary to this day still advices governments to recognize these Shia sectarian murderers as your legitimate formal government!

The 'Time' has lately given a platform to a Houthi terrorist by the name Rayman Al-Hamdani to convey this blatant call.

In an article the American news magazine published for him on July 11, he said:

"Biden can lay the groundwork for a more lasting solution by trying to widen diplomatic and mediation backchannels and decrease the Houthis’ isolation by pushing for some sort of recognition of them as a formal authority in Yemen—in exchange for certain concessions such as easing the Houthis’ siege of Taiz."

This is what the western media has been campaigning for throughout our Yemeni war.

To steer clear of any accusations of supporting the Shia terrorists, western media outlets have resorted to hosting Yemeni writers with loyalty to the Houthis!

Thousands or may be tens of thousands of Yemen-related articles have been written in the western press since the start of the war. Not even one of them has called on the Arab coalition to seriously and quickly prosecute the war and offer a serious help to the army to undo the Houthi coup.

All the western commentary systematically called (directly or indirectly) for recognizing this cancer (Shia Houthis) as a legitimate government for the Yemeni people and raised the alarm against touching the gains that the terrorists have already achieved.

This is why I always say the west is the mother and the Shia are its kids.


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