Landmines: The Shia's holocausts that even Yemenis as victims might not be aware of

Landmines: The Shia's holocausts that even Yemenis as victims might not be aware of

Five children were wounded at once in a landmine blast in western Yemen in the same day, local sources have just said.

The children were reportedly playing in al-Rabsaa neighborhood in al-Kahwk district south of the Red Sea province of Hodeidah when a Houthi-laid landmine exploded causing them to sustain wounds in varying degrees yesterday evening. 

Since 2015, Yemeni Arabic media outlets report landmine incidents on a continuous basis, more daily and an hourly than on a weekly basis. There are no NGOs that follow up on these daily incidents but what is known is Houthis have planted more than two million landmines in the country and independent observers estimate the casualties to exceed 130 thousand people most of them, as media reports indicate, are civilians – especially children and women.

Yemen's Shia terrorists (Houthis) are the only warring party in Yemen who plant landmines in the country.

Landmine explosions alone have been perpetuating a holocaust-like cycle of massacring and amputating Yemeni civilians with no much attention from the world, which looks at the Yemeni conflict mostly from the point of view of these Shia terrorists, and no with much awareness even from the war-fatigued and disoriented Yemeni people themselves as victims, since there are no organizations that collect statistics on landmine-related causalities and surprise the nation with the toll. 


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