Two windstorms hit Yemen's IDPs in Marib: Sand and then rain

Two windstorms hit Yemen's IDPs in Marib: Sand and then rain

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Weather extremes have reportedly forced dozens of families to evacuate their displacement camps in Yemen's eastern Marib causing them to seek emergency shelters within the beleaguered city in the past couple of days, local sources have said. SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT  

Four displaced men from Al-Jufayna and Al-Suwayda camps said the severe sand storm forced families to inflict themselves on relatives and acquaintances living in apartments in the city center and now the past two days' rains all over Marib (largely a flat land) has evacuated more people.  

"Those who did not leave Aljufayna camp had a real terrifying brush with death last night," said Saeed Al-Sharaabi. "The floods swept away some tents and stopped short of taking people's lives. Last night was a nightmare to many. The flood surprised people at night and you could hear women and children scream in panic as the water torrent passes by or nearly encircles their tents."

Tens of thousands of people displaced by the terrorist Houthi militia live in Marib and struggle with a lot of challenges including weather extremes. The sandstorm and rains of the past days are the IDP's break from the oppressive heat of the summer they have endured for months in the semi-desert region.

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