'Government: International silence over Houthi dishonoring of truce is not acceptable: Press Summary

'Government: International silence over Houthi dishonoring of truce is not acceptable: Press Summary


  1. Yemen's government has stressed that the UN and international silence toward Houthi dishonoring of the truce and failure to open the roads to besieged Taiz city and spend taxes and revenues of Hodeidah seaport on civil servants' payment is not acceptable./Alsahwa Net
  2. Senior Houthi militant Mohammed Mufleh shot dead a civilian (Mohammed Ahmed Jaarah) before the eyes of his children after the encircling their house and terrorizing them for three days in Dhamar province/The Arab Network for News
  3. The government has ordered the payment of YR 100 million for the families of the victims of Abyan's weapons depot explosion. Six people were killed and 37 injuredin the explosion of a private arms depot in a firearms shop in Abyan eastern province yesterday/Multiple websites
  4. Sectarian brainwashing and distortion to public life: This is how Houthis replace Yemen's culture with an alien one/Yemen Sky
  5. Socotra residents mounted protests today in rejection of the STC militia and demanding return of the government's control in the archipelago/Multiple websites
  6. The head of the governmental negotiation team with Houthis over lifting the Taiz siege said the UN envoy has adopted the siege lifting proposal of the Houthis themselves who are responsible for besieging the city. Abdulkarim Shayban said the envoy's adoption of the Houthi puritan proposal which does not open the main roads of the besieged city cameafter private talks between the envoy and the Houthi militants alone in Amman./Multiple websites


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