Two old farms seriously injured by Houthi landmine: Press Summary

Two old farms seriously injured by Houthi landmine: Press Summary

  1. Mansour Qabeesi 55 and Hassan Junayd 45 were seriously injured by a Houthi-laid landmine in Bayt Alfakeeh district in the western governorate of Hodeidah on Sunday/Alsahwa Net website
  2. The Houthi-linked "rights organization" of Muwatana has revealed that the Houthi militia recently set up "the Equity and Injustice Removal" authority as a bait for potential oppositionists: to lure the people of Sana'a to come forward and complain of arbitrary detentions and forced disappearances and then take revenge from them./Yemen Time
  3. Dhamar: A Houthi supervisor (senior militant) kills a civilian before the eyes of his children in Otoma district/Bawabati
  4. Military expert Khaled Al-Nasi says the peace that the UN envoy to Yemen is talking about is a peace that serves the Houthi militia/Crater Sky
  5. Houthis kill and injure three soldiers with a drone attack in Dhale'a province in south Yemen this Sunday afternoon/Almashehad Alkhaleeji

  6. Saudi political and military analyst Ahmed Al-Qarni: There is a deliberate policy being implemented to entrench the Houthi control in the areas the militia now controls. There is no solution other than defeating Houthis militarily/Aden Alghad
  7. A Houthi attempt to smuggle weapons to Somalia has been thwarted/Bawabati
  8. A Houthi militant (Ahmed Mohammed Hasan Abu Ras) in his twenties killed his father and mutilates his body in Hajjah governorate on Sunday/Multiple websites
  9. The Saudi mine action program says it removed 1143 Houthi landmines in Yemen in the past week/Yemeni Sport
  10. Houthis intensify bombing of the army's sites in Al-Dfaa Aljawi frontline in Taiz as they seek to advance toward the government-held city under long siege/Multiple websites

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