Yemen: The Shia's eternal war

Yemen: The Shia's eternal war

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Yemen's Houthis are continuing to deploy troops and military equipment to the vicinity of the capital of Yemen's central Taiz province where they are - as per a UN-brokered truce agreement - supposed to withdraw troops besieging the city for seven years.


The Shia terrorists are sending waves of hundreds of trained fighters and military equipment to Sharaab intersection and Aljanad areas in the west and north of the city, local sources say, in preparation for a major battle with the city's defenders.


 The Shia terrorists backed by the (many international conspirers for which Iran is only a proxy) are deploying more snipers in hilltops around the city to kill children of Sunni background.


International pressures had the pu.ppet "government" in Aden meet the ostensible concerns of the Shia terrorists and get the country's ports of entry opened for the Shia terrorists' use on the promise that they (the Shia) would end the Taiz siege, which did not happen, and, instead, emboldened the Shia to escalate their sectarian-motivated war on the afflicted city.


Houthis are one of the Shia terrorist militias formed by the wes.t and the west's Shiit dau.ghter (Iran)  after 2001 to fight sectarian wars in the Arab region. Yemen's branch (Houthis) began sectarian expansionist war as of 2004.

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