Houthi militia blow up three houses in Amran: Press Summary

Houthi militia blow up three houses in Amran: Press Summary

  1. The Houthi militia laced three houses with bombs and remotely blew them up in Amran, north Yemen, last Wednesday, local sources have said. The houses belong to Ali Jubran Sayla's family whose members fought alongside the army./Multiple websites
  2. The Civil Organization for People Impacted by House Bombings says the Houthi bombing of houses is an organized terrorism the militia exercises against whoever opposes their ideology/Al-Thawrah
  3. A government soldier has been killed in a mysterious bombing of his patrol car/Crater Sky
  4. Houthis loot 84 billion Yemeni rials from the revenues of the national CDMA operator Yemen Mobile in just one year/Almanarah Net
  5. Houthis deploy massive military reinforcements toward the city of Taiz instead of lifting the siege, an overdue obligation on them under the terms of the UN-brokered truce/Multiple websites
  6. Houthis are planning to bury 130 dead bodies in the morgues of Sana'a and other provinces controlledby the militia in the coming days under the pretext these dead people could not be identified. Are the Houthi militants trying to get rid of prisoners they had killed by torture?/24 Post
  7. The army shoots down a Houthi drone laden with bombs after it struck the army's sites in Taizprovince today/Multiple websites
  8. A number of people including two doctors were injured as a Houthi drone struck an ambulance in Dhale'a province today/Yeni Yemen
  9. Houthis transfer 300 children from Summer Indoctrination Camps to the militia's stronghold of Saada to receive military training/Yemen Time
  10. Houthis turn historical village to a military camp in Sana'a/24 Post
  11. The Yemeni government says the international reaction toward Taiz siege is not up to the level of the suffering born by the besieged city's residents/Yemen Sky



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