How Houthis have weaponized Yemen's telecommunication system: Press Summary

How Houthis have weaponized Yemen's telecommunication system: Press Summary


Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. The Regain Yemen organization tracking organized crimes and Houthi financing has said in a report that the Houthis are investing in an intelligence system through the country's telecommunication system./The Arab Network for News website

  2. A self-styled "security supervisor" in the Houthi militia slapped his shoes on the face of a civilian who criticized the militia's black markets and shot him dead in a public road in Raymah governorate on Sunday./Multiple websites
  3. The Houthi militia distribute financial gifts to the militia's self-styled tribal chieftains in north Yemen Hajjah governorate/Yemen Time
  4. Despite the truce, the Houthi militia acknowledge that they have recruited 3000 fighters/The Arab Network for News
  5. An attempt to assassinate the Security Director of Shabwa has been foiled/Bawabati
  6. The Yemeni truce is shaky as the Houthi militia refuse to honor their part of the agreement (to lift the siege on Taiz) and instead amass forces for war on the city/Yemeni Sport
  7. Houthis are preparing to block all social media websites and set on cyber espionage/Taiz Time
  8. The army thwarts a Houthi attack on Marib/Yemen Voice
  9. Heavy explosion rocked Al-Hasabah neighborhood in Sana'a today/Crater Sky
  10. The Yemeni army unveils the details of a Houthi attack on Almakhdarah frontline in Marib/Yemeni Sport
  11. Despite the truce, the Yemeni army is repelling Houthi attacks west of Marib/The Arab Network for News
  12. TheRed Sea Studies Center has was inaugurated in Marib on Wednesday/Multiple sources
  13. Yemeni journalist Ahmed Al-Musaybili: It is a truce for assasinations. The Houthi militia will keep assassinating the battlefield men one by one. Nothing one will stop the bloodshed of the Yemeni people other than liberating Sana'a.

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