Houthi militant murders his father. Parricides becoming a normal occurrence

Houthi militant murders his father. Parricides becoming a normal occurrence

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

A Houthi militant reportedly shot dead his father in the northern Amran province on Wednesday, local sources have said, the latest in a growing series of parricides in the Houthi militia-controlled territories.


Young man Faysal A-Shatibi took sectarian radicalization courses run by the Shia terrorists known as the Houthi militia and participated in the militia's war before returning home and shooting his father dead in Amran province on Wednesday.


The crime of murdering parents and near relatives is increasingly becoming a normal incidence in Sana'a and other north Yemen provinces where the militia rule and run a massive re-education campaign for young men to turn them into bigoted loyalists to the militia's theocratic leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi.


Usually the sons kill their fathers for not being to tolerate their slightest difference with the Houthi Shiit beliefs.


One Houthi militant shot his father dead and then cut off his head over the father's refusal to join the militia's warfronts in Al-Haymah outskirt of Sana'a days ago, particularly on 19 June which coincided with the international Father's Day.


This week one brainwashed young man shot dead his father and grandfather in Sana'a outskirt of Arhab, and the past years saw dozens of parricides several of them happened in the bygone months of this year.


The m.o.the.r of the Houthis (the international community) secretly undermined the anti-Houthi war and forced the Yemeni people to endure the Houthi incessant terrorism, grin and bear it until her Shia kids (perhaps) become believers in peace one day!   

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