As Houthis loot provincial revenues, heat wave is roasting the people of Hodeidah: Press Summary

As Houthis loot provincial revenues, heat wave is roasting the people of Hodeidah: Press Summary

  1. As Houthis loot the local revenues in billions of rials, the oppressive heat of the summer is roasting the people of Hodeidah province causing skin rash to the children, other diseases and deaths to the elderly/Alsahwa Net
  2. Eight government troops have been killed and injured as the Houthi militia continued to breach the truce in different frontlines in the country over the past hours/The Media Center of the Armed Forces.
  3. A Yemeni hostage has died only days after he was released from a Houthi jail where he was detained and subjected to torture sessions for three years, human rights sources said Wednesday. The Equality Organisation saidQasem Zayd who hails from Amran suffered health issues due to torture in jail and succumbed to death days after release./Almshehad Alkhaleeji
  4. Houthi jails: a black hole that saps Yemenis' lives./Alsahwa Net
  5. Unprecedented rise in cooking gas prices in Sana'a/Yemen Voice
  6. The Houthi militia pay salaries secretly to a selected group of senior members within the militia around Sana'a city/Saudi website 'Al-Watan'
  7. Saeed Aljawani, a brother of Yemen's former transports minister Saleh Aljabwani, was killed in Shabwa today/Multiple websites!
  8. The Houthi militia cordon the houses of Saleh-era army officers who are hiding arms and weapons in Sanhan,a Sana'a outskirt and the birthplace of the slain president Ali A. Saleh/Yemeni Sport
  9. The self-styled Security Director of the southern Yemen governorate of Lahj Saleh Al-Sayyed has survived an explosion that killed four of his escorts in the STC-militia controlled Aden city/Multiple websites
  10. Young Houthi militant kills his father and grandfather in Arhab, Sana'a/Sawt Al-Watan

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