The Shia's eternal war in Yemen

The Shia's eternal war in Yemen


Yemen's Shia Houthis killed a child and injured seven others six of them women in the country's Red Sea port of Hodeidah on Monday, local sources have said, the latest in countless genocidal attacks against Sunni civilians.

The international community's militia controlling most north Yemen carried out a drone strike on a family in their house in Hays district, south of Hodeidah, killing seven year old Ayman Abduh and injuring another boy and six women namely 1-Rowaa Abduh Abkar 2- Ramadana Abduh Abkar, 3- Zahraa Ahmed Abkar 4- Hussam Ali Ahmed Abkar 5- Suaad Ali Ahmed Abkar and 5- Afrah Mohammed Ahmed Abkar.

Houthis are one of the Shiit militias unleashed after 2001 to fight kill and suppress the Sunni majority in the Arab world. Yemen's Shia are the most extremist of them all and are bent on an eternal war against Sunnis.  

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