Houthis recruit 3,000 fighters: Press Summary

Houthis recruit 3,000 fighters: Press Summary

  1. Houthis are exploiting the truce to recruit 3,000 young fighters from summer [radicalization] camps./Taiz Time
  2. The Yemeni government condemns the Houthi shelling on Hodeidah villages, which killed and injured eight women and children from the same family/Multiple websites.
  3. Houthis brag of their future victims: Children who concluded radicalization courses in the "summer camps" participated in a parade in Alsabeen Square in Sana'a today. The children who were indoctrinated with sectarianism and murder ideologies will be time-bombs and cannon fodder on the war frontlines in the days to come./Anaween Post

  4. The UN mission in Hodeidah issues a statement to regretthe civilian casualties as a result of Houthi shelling in Hays south of the province/Bawabati
  5. The exchange rate of foreign currencies especially the US dollar skyrocket as the Yemeni rial falls/Almeethaq News
  6. Yemeni officials say Houthis are continuing to build up forces mobilize reinforcements to the outskirts of the government-held Taiz and Marib cities in preparation for a defining battle./Al-Ray Press

Note: Taiz Time's photo and Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan's comment.


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