New Houthi threats to resume large scale fighting

New Houthi threats to resume large scale fighting

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Houthis threatened on Sunday to resume large scale fighting in the Shiit militia's seven year sectarian war in Yemen, even though the UN-backed "truce" was all gains for them without them honoring what is their obligation.  

  The "deputy foreign minister" in the terrorist militia's self-styled government Hussein Al-Ezzi said in a tweet that the Arab coalition obstacles the travel of 30 thousand people from Sana'a airport setting the scene for what he wants to emphasize: 'It is therefore not expected to extend the truce any longer."

The Shia terrorists got the Sana'a Airport opened, the Hodeidah Seaport opened, and the Arab coalition strikes suspended on their terms, without them having to honor their obligation of unblocking supply routes to seven year besieged Taiz city or having to suspend the war from their side- The Houthi unilateral offensive on government-held cities lost some ferocity only.

Despite all that, they are ones who utter louder threats -to resume the large scale war – every now and then.   

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