Houthis launch two-pronged attack on Marib: Press Summary

Houthis launch two-pronged attack on Marib: Press Summary


Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. The Houthi militia launched today two military offensives on Marib from two directions, the governorate's north and the west. The army said it repelled the attacks /Yemeni Sport website
  2. The Houthi militia continue to violate the truce in Marib/Septembr Net
  3. As people prepare to celebrate Eid Al-Dhaha, the Houthi militia controlling Sana'a have shocked the city's population with a new increase in gas prices. According to a statement by the militant-controlled national gas company,the increases that will be implemented as of next Saturday and a cylinder of gas that now costs YR 6000 will be sold for YR 9000. /Akhbar Al-Arab website
  4. The Houthi militia are launching a massive campaign for recruitment of children to military camps and warfronts forcing dozens of families in Al-Qafr district to send their children to the military camps./Multiple websites
  5. The Deputy Governor of Sana'a warns of Houthi exploitation of children and infusing them with terrorist ideologies/Aden Alghad
  6. The Houthi militia close a number of restaurants in Sana'a after they have failed to pay nefarious taxes to the militia./Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. The Houthi militia threaten to resume the war and fight "a defining battle"/Almashehad Alyemeni
  8. The Yemeni government (in the Cabinet's meeting in Aden on Sunday) demanded the international community to force the Houthi militia to honor their part of the terms of the Truce Agreement including the opening of roads to the besieged Taiz city/Saba
  9. Deputy Justice Minister: Restituting rights back from Houthi militants won't come by negotiations but by shells. The Houthi militia's mindset is far more barbaric than ISIS's./Aden Alghad
  10. Banking sources warn of the continued depreciation of the Yemeni rial against the US dollar/Yemen Time
  11. Houthis commit 72 truce violations in the western coast in the past 48 hours/Almashehad Aldowali
  12. The stock exchange Iran is establishing for Houthis in Sana'a is meant to tighten the Houthi grip on the national economy/Al-Rashad Press
  13. Yemen President Al-Alimi tells the UN special envoy: Taiz roads must be opened before discussing any other issues./Alsahwa Net
  14. A soldier was killed and two other were wounded in Houthi attacks on army positions in south Marib on Sunday, despite the UN-brokered "truce."/Almanarah Net



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