Houthi Red Sea time-bomb: Again, the International community appeals for help

Houthi Red Sea time-bomb: Again, the International community appeals for help


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

The international community has been appealing over a long time for the prevention of a major environmental catastrophe a decaying oil tanker held hostage by Houthis in the Red Sea might cause.

The latest appeal came from the UK ambassador in a tweet that stated: "Time is running out to address the threat of a massive oil spill from the #FSOSafer off Yemen’s coast. The UK supports the UN's mitigation plan and has pledged £4m to #StopRedSeaSpill. We encourage others to pledge what they can."

Shia Houthi terrorists, the international community's spoiled kids, have been holding the tanker hostage and disallowing its maintenance insisting on the government's concession of the tank's entire cargo lot (of 1.4 million barrels of crude) forcing the talks with the government to reach an impasse, in the same way as on the negotiations to end the Taiz city siege and all other talks to resolve other aspects of the armed conflict.

In the face of Houthi maximalism on all matters, the international community prefers to appeal for help and, at best, acknowledge that the Houthis are not cooperative.

Throughout the past years of the conflict, the mo.the.r of the Shia militants kept secretly vetoing any serious military offensive against Sana'a and other Houthi-held cities, repeatedly messaging that 'there is no military solution to the conflict" in Yemen.


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