Houthis develop methods of spying on Sana'a residents: Press Summary

Houthis develop methods of spying on Sana'a residents: Press Summary


  1. The Houthi militia copies an Iranian model of surveillance on the residents of Sana'a/Yemeni Post
  2. Houthis set up an intelligence system for spying on the public/Ayn Almahrah
  3. The constant US pressures on the A*b Coalition has increased the Houthi militia's haughtiness and Houthi threats to the Yemeni rivals and Arab countries/Yemen Shabab
  4. Houthi militia deploy military reinforcements to the vicinity of the Han mountain frontline in Taiz/Multiple websites
  5. The Houthi militia is looting food aid for its members/Aden Alghad
  6. A Houthi militant kills his father and detach the head from the body over the father's opposition of the family's joining of the Houthi warfronts/Anaween Post.
  7. Yemen foreign minister: The Houthi insistence on besieging Taiz is a real obstacle to peace./Alsahwa Net (the Arabic version of this website)
  8. Sana'a: Three children died of food poisoning and others are still in the hospital. This is part of the tragedies children face in Houthi summer radicalization camps/Almanarah Net
  9. Close combat warfare between the army the Houthis near Marib, and Houthis launch new military camps./Newsline
  10. The STC militia is a stakeholder in the government and an instigator against it/Yemen Shabab
  11. A civilian was injured by a Houthi landmine in Taiz today/Alsahwa Net
  12. News say the Defense Minister has left Aden upon the rise of protests/24 Post
  13. A 42 year old civilian (Salam Sammadi) was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Dhale'a yesterday/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  14. Fighting renews in Marib/Crater Sky
  15. Two young people from Taiz were kidnapped by gunmen in Aden today and forced into disappearance. Aden is seeing security irregularities meant to fail the normalization of the situation in the city/Alharf 28
  16. A new Houthi campaign: Public employees in Sana'a are forced to send sons to Houthi radicalization camps and warfronts or resign./Yemen Voice
  17. Revenues of Hodeidah Seaport aggravate the greed and internal conflict between the Houthi militia's factions/Aden Alghad
  18. The less known fact underlying the siege on Taiz/Yemen Voice
  19. Houthi militia execute a number of own fighters over mutiny/Almashehad Alyemeni
  20. A Houthi militant kills his wife in Dhamar in a horrific way, a /Almashehad Alyemeni
  21. Roads closed in Aden as a result of mass protest and civilian disobedience/Crater Sky
  22. Yemen foreign minister: The Houthi insistence on besieging Taiz is a real delimma in front of the political process/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  23. Houthis launched missile and drone attacks on Ataq, the capital of the eastern province of Shabwa last night/Multiple websites.
  24. Blistering temperature in the desert of Marib compounds the suffering of IDPs in Marib./Yemen Shabab
  25. Seven people have been killed and injured in fresh tribal infighting fueled by the Houthi militia in in the countryside of Ibb city in central Yemen./Alsahwa Net

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