Houthis planning to reduce Yemen population by wars: Social Media

Houthis planning to reduce Yemen population by wars: Social Media

  1. The Houthi militia as its pattern of behavior indicates is planning to reduce Yemen's population by wars. The militia is now focusing on fueling new mini-wars and tribal revenges in the areas under its control where the majority of the population concentrates in order to achieve a quick reduction of the population, especially the tribe's young generations whom the militia see as a rising future threat to the militia's grip. Yemeni tribes need to be aware of the Houthi plot and pass this awareness on from one to another. This plot is clear from the militia's recent attempts to play neighboring tribes off against one another in Sana'a, Biedha, Dhamar and elsewhere/Abu Alfidaa on Facebook
  2. While people are all talking about the rise and fall of the rial against the dollar, we thank God that we don't bother about it. This is because we are not rich with a lot of money to cheer up over gains and then stress over losses. It is one of the few advantages of being poor./Rafik Hassan on Facebook.
  3. The se.cr.et talks with Houthis are a malign attempt by S*di Arabia to settle bitter scores with north Yemen's tribes by allowing the repressive rule of the racist Houthi dynasty over their necks. It is a matter of taking revenge, not because this Yemen nei.gh.bor is exhausted and wants to retire from the war as some (media) propagate./Ali Aljabri on Facebook.


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