Teleyemen says Houthis smuggle international calls for own enrichment: Press Summary

Teleyemen says Houthis smuggle international calls for own enrichment: Press Summary

  1. The sole licensed provider of the international telecommunication services in Yemen, Sana'a-based Teleyemen, says Houthi militants controlling Sana'a are smuggling international calls and exploiting that to gain millions of dollars in enrichment of the militia's elite/Multiple websites
  3. A journalist unveils why sons kill fathers in Houthi-controlled regions: Because Houthi camps indoctrinate children to believe to put the obedience of the militia's leaders over one's own parents./Aden Alghad website
  4. Houthi gunman kills his wife in a barbaric way after torturing her in Dhamar, south of the capital Sana'a/Almanarah Net
  5. Reports show Houthis have recruited more than 2000 fighters since of the start of the truce in April/The Western Coast
  6. Houthis originating from Saada kill a comrade from Sana'a in the heart of his own city/Sawt Al-Watan
  7. Houthi militants inaugurate a camp to recruit prisoners to the warfronts in Maheet province, in the country's north/Multiple websites
  8. A civilian (Mohammed Aljudayee) was found dead and his body dumped in the road in Raymah province (in north Yemen) on Sunday hours after he was kidnapped by a senior Houthi militant known as Abu Hajras./Multiple websites
  9. Nabil Al-Sofi: The Houthi terrorism and the silenced voice of north Yemen/Yemeni Post (opinion)
  10. A senior officer in the Yemeni army in Sana'a (Mohammed Sinan Alrabee'ee) whose debts are accumulated and his salary is long unpaid has gathered his sons, made a last wish from them and then hanged himself to death/Almashehad Alyemeni
  11. The Houthi militia released hundreds of prisoners in north Yemen's Mahweet province and promised to pay their debts in return for joining its military camps and warfronts/Almashehad Alyemeni
  12. Ex-Houthi warlord: We are exhausted of wars. We need a leadership that builds the country not destroys it/Aden Alghad
  13. The Houthi militia force public employees in Sana'a to let their children join the militia's sectarian military camps or risk losing their jobs/Almanarah Net.
  14. A tribal warfare erupted on Sunday evening over the killing of tribal figure Sheikh Saleh Abu Surayma and his 10 year old son by Houthi militants in Radaa, Beidha province, the day before. The tribal clashes have so far led to five casualties. Locals accuse the Houthi militia of deliberately stirring tribal conflicts to settle scores. /Almashehad Alyemeni and other websites
  15. A senior Houthi militant executed three fighters who refused to infiltrate toward the army's sites in Taiz on Sunday evening, local sources have said. The militant Emad Dahesh showered fire on the three newly recruited marginalized (of African origin) after they refused to venture toward the Difaa Aljawi positions of the army in the city's west killing them all./Yemeni Sport

The Saudi mine action program says it has removed 346 thousand landmines since it started operating in Yemen in mid-2018/Aden Alghad and other websites

  1. The Yemeni rial loses value again, against other currencies/Almashehad Alkhaleeji

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