Father and child killed for a few words on facebook

Father and child killed for a few words on facebook


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

The Houthi militia have killed a man and his child in central Yemen for a slight criticism of the militia on facebook, local sources said on Sunday.



Sheikh Salah Abu Surayma and his 10 year old son were shot dead by the militia in Radaa, the capital of the central Yemen Beidha province, after he posted on facebook: "If those who call themselves the descendants of Ali bin Abi Talib are truly Ali's descendants, why did they come to us and imposed themselves as rulers in our country?"

Suramya was one of the Shiit militia's tribal loyalists. The extremist theocratic militia have killed thousands of unarmed oppositionists in this way, including own supporters who failed to stifle the urge for verbal dissent even once.


The UN organization (the real m.othe.r of Houthis) insists Yemenis should sit for dialogue with Houthis and reach "peace" with them, even though its extremist Shia kids never believe in the right of oppositionists to live on Earth.

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