The UN envoy speaks like a helpless man about Houthi refusal to lift Taiz siege: Taiz Time

The UN envoy speaks like a helpless man about Houthi refusal to lift Taiz siege: Taiz Time

  1. The UN envoy Grundberg is speaking like a helpless, powerless man about the Houthis after they refused to open roads for the besieged Taiz city/Taiz Time website
  2. A man named Ahmed Zammi, his son Sabri (pictured) and a motorcyclist giving them a ride were killed by a landmine in Hays district south of Hodeidah two days ago. The father was trying to hospitalize his son on the motorbike when it hit a Houthi-laid landmine/Multiple websites. (Photos of father and son father enclosed)
  3. Yemen's information minister accuses Houthis of assassinating the Yemeni correspondent of Japan's NHK TV Saber Al-Haydari, months after the militia similarly assassinated female journalist Rasha Al-Harazii by an explosive while she was driving. Al-Haydari who was assassinated last evening had escaped Houthi crackdown in Sana'a on 2017./Multiple websites
  4. The government lambasts the international community's ignorance of the biggest campaign of child soldier recruitment by Houthis/24 Post
  5. How the Houthi militia run their parallel economy?/Aden Alghad

  6. The assassination of journalists by bombings in Aden is an action meant to establish the image of Aden as an unsafe capital city, says political analyst Mustafa Naji/Newsline
  7. The Ministry of Public Works in Aden has stalled the pavement project of Al-Torbah main road in the besieged city of Taiz. The Public Works Minister Mane'a Bin Yameen is a representative of the (Sa*di and U*E-backed) STC militia. /Multiple websites
  8. The separatist S.T.C militia are now requiring temporary residence permits and guarantees from northern Yemenis who want to stay in Yafe'a district in south Yemen./Multiple websites.
  9. A soldier was killed and another injured this Thursday evening by Houthi mortar round attack on the positions of the army in north Taiz/Taiz Time.
  10. The health conditions of journalist Yunus Abdusalam is deteriorating in the intelligence jail of the terrorist Houthi militia where he has been jailed for 10 months/Sam for Rights and Freedoms.

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