Houthis launch campaign to recruit 800 prisoners to the warfronts: press summary

Houthis launch campaign to recruit 800 prisoners to the warfronts: press summary


  1. The Houthi militia have launched a campaign to recruit 800 new fighters from prisons in different Yemeni areas under the militia's control to brainwash them with sectarian ideologies and deploy them to the warfronts. The militia promised them acquittal from sentences against them and freedom in return/Multiple websites
  2. A new Houthi ballistic missile targeting Marib city failed and landed in a farm in the neighboring Aljawf province/Yemeni Sport
  3. The issue on top of the Presidential Leadership Council's agenda should be to repay the long unpaid salaries of the army, says journalist Zayd Alshalif/Aden Alghad.
  4. Upon orders from their leader Abdulmalik, Houthis launch a new campaign of fighter recruitments/Yemeni Sport
  5. UN envoy Grundberg briefs the UN Security Council on Yemen's developments and the Houthi "militia's stubborn avoidance of implementing the terms of the truce agreement"/Alsahwa Net (The Arabic version of this website)
  6. The Houthi racism has its roots in demonic supremacist beliefs, the head of the media department of the Islah party Ali Aljaradi says./ Alsahwa Net
  7. Taiz army: 70 soldiers have been killed and injured due to Houthi violations of the truce that began at the outset of April/Alsahwa Net
  8. Via the newly opened Sana'a Airport: Houthis send fighters for training in Iran./The Arab Network for News
  9. Houthis start a campaign to recruit women and children in Sana'a/Almahra Online



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