Miseries of people in Sana'a go on and on with no end in sight

Miseries of people in Sana'a go on and on with no end in sight

By Abdu M. Bakil

A young man identifying himself as "Anas Aydha" for security concerns says his father can no longer decide whether to continue working in selling raisins or closing the shop and wander the earth anywhere outside Sana'a to search for another opportunity for living.

"The Houthi militia rob us of our earnings week by week, month by month," he said, referring to the "nefarious taxes" the Houthi warlords collect from all Sana'a shops for the enrichment of the Houthi supremacist dynasty and for financing the war.

Rania Mohammed a mother of three  fled Sana'a last month after the Houthi militants tried to kidnap her 17-year-old son to recruit him to the militia's sectarian radicalization courses and warfronts.

"I have saved my children. Even my daughters would have been recruited to the underground network of female militants they call Zaynabiyat. But fortunately me and my husband have fled on time," she said without daring to give more detail lest the family be identified back in Sana'a or something happens to her house.

Abdullah Al-Reefi an activist and escapee from Sana'a living in Sayoon said the Houthi militia are intensifying the intimidations and recruitment of people in Sana'a's Madhbah, Tahrir, Alqaa and all other zones.

"Men and women are reached out to by the militia's plainclothes agents and intimidated in a direct or indirect way to attend hatred inciting concerts," he said. "And when you bow in and attend their organized events once, they get to know you more and they implicate you further and incorporate you into their dreadful project."

"It was a nightmarish life I lived in Sana'a, my birthplace, until I got a chance to leave. All praise be to God. But pity for other whose misery continues with no end in sight." "They have divided Sana'a to a rich  elite and slaves who live and die for the sake of the elite's prosperity."

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