Islah head meets Japanese Foreign official, affirms party's keenness on peace

Islah head meets Japanese Foreign official, affirms party's keenness on peace

Al-Sahwa Net - Riyadh

The head of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah party), Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Yadoomi, met on Sunday the Assistant Foreign Minister and Director General of the Middle East and Africa Department at the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in Yemen, in light of UN efforts to achieve peace. Al-Yadoomi reiterated Islah’s keenness to establish peace based on the three references, as they represent the basis for comprehensive and sustainable peace, as it guarantees the state's sole control on weapons and disarmament of the militias. He expressed his optimism that the Presidential Leadership Council would achieve the aspirations of Yemenis to end the coup, restore the state and improve the conditions of the people. Al-Yadoomi praised so much the support of "the brothers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and praising the Japanese support provided to the government. He expressed his hope that Japan would contribute to supporting development efforts in Yemen and providing humanitarian aid in light of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation resulting from the coup and the war ignited by the Houthi militia. The head of the Islah stressed that the truce represented an opportunity for the Houthi militia to prove its desire for peace and to meet the government's concessions in good faith. He said that the envoy's flexibility instead encouraged the Houthi militia to become more intransigent and insist on continuing its aggressive approach. For his part, the Japanese Assistant Foreign Minister, Ambassador Kansuka Nagoka, renewed his country's welcome to the Presidential Leadership Council and its support for efforts for a political solution. He explained that Japan provides support to Yemen in the humanitarian fields, and hopes for an improvement in the security situation to provide development support.

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