Shia militants storm Yemen mosque, destroy sound system: Press Summary

Shia militants storm Yemen mosque, destroy sound system: Press Summary



  1. Houthis stormed a mosque in Ibb (a central Yemen province) and destroyed its sound system , the latest in the Shia militants vandalism of mosques./Multiple websites
  2. Flour prices suddenly spike in Aden/Aden Alghad
  3. The policy of staving teachers: The Houthi method of destroying education./Alyaqeen
  4. Houthis deploy naval mines near the stranded oil tanker FSO/Bawabati
  5. The new wealthy in Yemen: Houthis exploit the war/The Arab Network for News
  6. A UN delegation visits Taiz and meets the local authority/Multiple websites
  7. The STC militia launch a fighter recruitment campaign apart from the government/Bawabati

  8. Houthis loot billions of rials revenues from Hodeidah, while the local population live a tragic humanitarian situation/Ayn Almahraa
  9. Houthis intensify military attacks on Marib and Taiz frontlines/Multiple websites
  10. Six soldiers were killed and injured in Houthi attacks on Marib on Sunday/Multiple websites
  11. Yemen's Minister of Justice says Houthis won't yield to peace and stop the war even if the whole world's population go to Sana'a as peace mediators/Aden Alghad
  12. A big lorry turns over causing the blockage of traffic in the (dangerous mountainous road of)Hayjat Al-Abd, which is the only corridor connecting the besieged Taiz city with the outside world. /Crater Sky

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