The situation in Sana'a is really unbearable and is forcing people to leave

The situation in Sana'a is really unbearable and is forcing people to leave

By Mohammed Al-Ahmedi


"Life is very very expensive in Sana'a and all people are bound to leave the city." Those are the words of my friend Sinan Ali who has just come to Marib as transit stopover and planning to keep distancing themselves away the "hell of Sana'a."

He and three other young men left Sana'a this week to search for "another place to live in, maybe Aden, Sayoon or even the sea(!) if we don't find"

The young men shocked me during a Qat session as they said that in addition to the Houthi brutal grip, the prices of everything are the same as in non-Houthi-controlled regions where the version of the rial currency is almost half the value of the Houthi rial.

"Food staples are very expensive. Household items and cooking utensils and cooking gas are expensive. Everything is expensive. You cannot buy a kilo of fruit for less than three thousand or chew Qat for less than seven thousand rials in Sana'a. But in Marib I have bought Qat for a thousand rials  and price of fruits is almost the same," he said.

He said, "Not only us, there are tens of families I have seen emigrating or planning to emigrate out of Sana'a wanting to find any alternative place to live and fee the Houthi repressive rule and life."

 Even though we know already Sana'a is living this hellish life, it still shocks me how more and more people come fleeing and complaining of an "unbearable" life there. This makes me think that all Yemenis are equal in suffering: Those in cities enduring the Houthi war machine and those on the other side (behind the Houthis back). And those in Houthi governed areas are surely living a more unbearable life in the Houthi prison even though the Houthi elite enjoy the wealth, the palaces, the free food from humanitarian aid and now the ability to travel by planes outside Yemen. They are let down by the government and let down by the entire world.

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