Two children killed by Houthi explosive in Taiz: Press Summary

Two children killed by Houthi explosive in Taiz: Press Summary


  1. Children Mohammed and Uday Najib Abdurahman were killed Wednesday by the explosion of a shell Houthis had fire on Almaratibah area in Jabal Hasbashi district, west of Taiz/Multiple websites
  2. A civilian by the name Sadeq Saeed Alhja was killed by a Houthi-laid landmine in Aljahmaliya neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz on Wednesday/Almashehad Alkhaleeji

  3. A child has sustained wounds in different parts of his body by a Houthi unexploded ordnance that went on in his face in Aljarrahi district of Hodeidah/Multiple websites
  4. Yemen's army said on Wednesdayit has suffered 21 casualties in Houthi violations of truce in five provinces in the previous two days/Multiple websites
  5. The UN envoy flies to Sana'a/Multiple websites
  6. The Yemeni army has repelled a Houthi attack north of the besied Taiz city/Multiple website.
  7. Houthis have not officially declared acceptance or rejection of the UN envoy's proposal to lift the Taiz siege./Taiz Time
  8. Houthis renew their utter rejection of the envoy's proposal, after their delegation in Jordan and threaten to invade the city/Multiple websites
  9. The Houthi militia have launched a crackdown and arrest campaigns in Sana'a on the militia's own members on regionalist and sectarian basis/Yemen Voice
  10. A soldier has been killed and other injured at the hands of Houthi snipers in Dhale'a (a border province between north and south Yemen) during the past few hours sources said on Thursday./24 Post.

  11. The speaker of the Arab parliament: The Houthi militia don' want the truce in Yemen to achieve its goals/Almashehad Alkhaleeji

  12. A young man (pictured) has committed suicide in a Houthi jail in Radda district in the province of Baydha after failing to pay an amount of money to the jail officers to be set free, sources said on Thursday Nasim Al-Shakhfit (in his twenties) was jailed in a civil lawsuit and cleared but the court but the jail officers still required YR 200 thousand to set him free/Yemeni Sport.

  13. Fourteen tribesmen have been killed and injured have been killed and injured in a conflict between two tribes (Bani Rashed ans Bani Eesa) in the [central Yemen] Dhamar province. The conflict is fueled by the Houthi militia after the tribes refused to send more of their children to the militia's military camps and anti-government camps/Almashehad Alyemeni
  14. The Yemeni rial falls sharply against other currencies in the regions outside the Houthi mililitia's control/Multiple websites

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