New Houthi trick to avoid obligation of lifting Taiz siege: Press Summary

New Houthi trick to avoid obligation of lifting Taiz siege: Press Summary

  1. Negotiations are going on in Amman, and Houthi bulldozers are clearing ground in Taiz. It is a new trick by the Houthis to circumvent the Houthi militia's obligation (under the UN-brokered truce) to lift the siege around the city. Under the guise of opening roads, the militia on their own (unilateral) initiative are constructing a military road north of the city (a road meant to help themselves send their own military reinforcements close to the frontlines) /Yemen Shaba TV website.
  2. A dirty Houthi maneuver/Voice of Yemen website
  3. Houth militants have committed more than 31 thousand human rights abuses in Taiz during the seven year siege of the city, an NGO (the Human Rights Information and Training) has said./Alsahwa Net
  4. Houthi militants attacked army defense lines north of the besiegd Taiz city with armed drones on Tuesday/Multiple websites
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  6. Businesses shut down in the besieged city of Taiz in a strike over the frequency of high way robbery, murders and lack of overall safety of commercial transportation in the only corridor connecting Taiz with the rest of the country (the Taiz-Aden road of Toor Al-Baha)./Multiple websites
  7. An Austrian firm in Shabwa goverorate transfers the ownership of an oil sector to another foreign firm with collusion from the Yemeni oil ministry/Balqees
  8. The UN reports take the side of the Houthi aggressor at the expense of the victims and refer only to very little Houthi abuses/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  9. The OCHA agrees in a meeting with Marib authorities to correct the error of dropping 1,200,000 IDPs from the list of humanitarian response plan beneficiaries/Saba
  10. Houthis launched large scale attacks on the army's different frontlines in a number of Yemeni provinces in the past five days until Sunday, 5th June. Fourteen people were killed and injured/Almashehad Alyemeni
  11. In the past 24 hours, Houthis committed 29 ceasefire violations in the country's western coast/Yemen Media
  12. The UN envoy is heading to Sana'a to persuade the Houthi militia to open the Taiz roads/Yemen Monitor
  13. Around a million children are studying in Houthi radicalization summer centers. A threat for the present and the future./Balqees

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