Missing child found in Houthi fighter recruitment & radicalization center: Press Summary

Missing child found in Houthi fighter recruitment & radicalization center: Press Summary


  1. Child Mohammed Mohammed Al-Awmari who was missing for two days in Dhamar city (south of Sana'a) has been tracked down and found today in a Houthi fighter recruitment center in Dhamar's stadium-turned-military camp where tens of similarly kidnapped children are provided scouts skills these days.

The children (most of them under 15) are being prepared to be transferred to Dhawran Anes district for more sectarian brainwashing and finally deployed to the Houthi militia's warfronts./Special sources


  1. A man (Fuad Al-Daeri) was killed and another injured in a mysterious fire shooting crime in Saawan, northeast of Sana'a city. The crime has triggered anger of Al-Daeri's tribe, Bani Matar, who have refused to receive his dead body before the prime suspect is arrested and sent to the court as a condition to then resolve the issue according to tribal codes./Newsline website.
  3. A Houthi sniper stationed on Al-Qare'a hill in Taiz opens machinegun fire on the houses of residents in Al-Haseb neighborhood in the besieged city./Multiple websites
  5. Truckers go on a strike in Taiz to protest at the highway-robbery and murders in Toor Al-Baha (dry) stream, the only road connecting the besieged city of Taiz with the outside world (the city of Aden)./Multiple websites
  7. The governmental team of negotiation over lifting the Houthi militia's siege on Taiz warns of an ongoing unilateral Houthi move to construct an off-road near the frontlines with the army in the name of removing the siege. The team's chief Abdulkareem Shayban called it "an open attempt to derail the UN mediation efforts and circumvent the (real) siege tackling measures under discussion. Shayban called on the UN envoy to assume his responsibility to thwart the Houthi games and force them to respect the ongoing negotiations/Taiz Time
  9. For eight years, Houthis have not been able to construct a road for transporting their military reinforcements toward the army-held Al-Difaa Aljawai site and neighboring areas north of Taiz. Today they are freely constructing one under the guise of opening an outlet in the siege they impose./Taiz News.
  11. Houthis are exploiting the truce to recruit child fighters/Yemen TV website
  13. Yemen's foreign minister says it is necessary to "to open the roads of Taiz without delay"/The Arab Network for News
  14. A convoys of Houthi military reinforcements (equipment and personnel) is seen in Alnajd Al-Ahmar, in Ibb province, this Sunday, heading for Taiz. Fighting is expected to break out/Multiple websites
  16. A woman was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Jaba Habashi district, in Taiz, today./Crater Sky


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