Together with the Shia in the north, collaborators in the south oppress Taizis on hourly basis

Together with the Shia in the north, collaborators in the south oppress Taizis on hourly basis


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

While the Shia Houthis kill, besiege and oppress Taizis on an hourly basis in their own province in the north, southern rogue militias kill, rob and kidnap Taizis on hourly basis in the south.

A High-way gang affiliate to a senior militiaman known as Saleh Al-Sayyid reportedly killed Akram Al-Aza'zi, a young boy in front of his father and robbed their truck transporting canned beans from the southern city of Aden to Taiz in Toor Al-Baha, the only highway connected the seven year besieged Taiz with the outside world.


In an audio tape shared on social media this early Thursday a man was screaming and appealing for help after high-way robbers "shot my son in his head " while they were driving the truck causing the son to be "killed", the father to be injured and truck to be overturned. "They killed me and my son," he was screaming. Reports are coming that the son was literally killed. He was screaming "Oh God, oh God" "People come and see" "They have killed me and my son" "The truck as rolled over."

The incidence of these highway robberies and murders in Toor Al-Baha are very frequent and happening on  a weekly basis.

The accusations are usually directed Saleh Al-Sayyyed, a senior militiaman and loyalist of the STC, who assumes the "Security Director of Lahj" post as imposed by foreign powers.

The STC militiamen in Aden also kidnap Taizi workers arriving in Aden in search for work on a daily basis and disappear them in the notorious Beer Ahmed jail arbitrarily.

The militias involved in these acts at the same time collaborate with the Houthi militia in the north by smuggling ammunition, armed drones and drone spare parts on a continuous basis.

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