Iranian general recruits Syrian Shia mercenaries to Yemen: Press Summary

Iranian general recruits Syrian Shia mercenaries to Yemen: Press Summary


  1. Iranian general Jawad Dayyani is supervising an office in Al Bukamal city in Deir Ez-Zour region in Syria to recruit mercenaries to fight in Yemen alongside the Houthi militants. The office signs three year contracts with the fighters for a pay ranging between USD 1000 and 1200./Al-Arab website
  2. Houthi militiamen round up dozens of disciples of Zaydi cleric Mohammed Al-Moayyadi in Amran/Bawabati
  3. Two people have been killed by a bomb in Shabwa/Bawabati
  4. Ferocious clashes between the army and the Houthi militia in Hajjah and Marib/Yemeni Sport
  5. The revenues Houthis generated from Hodeidah port since the truce began surpass YR 70 billion. So these fabulous returns along with the military gains make it lucrative for Houthis to agree to another extension of the truce/Yemeni Sport
  6. A number of journalists participating in the 31st World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists in Muscat have signed on a graffiti expressing solidarity with four journalists kidnapped by the Houthi terrorist group/The national Organization of Yemeni Media Personnel
  7. Gunmen close Al-Dhabab road, the only road connecting the besieged Taiz city with the outside world (the southern port of Aden)/Taiz Time
  8. Houthi militia heavily shell the eastern neighborhoods of Taiz intimidating residents to stay indoor and not dare to go out for shopping./Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  9. A Houthi militant has kidnapped a 13 year old girl (Fatimah Aljabri) from her father to marry her and force the girl's parents to accept the marriage./Multiple websites.
  10. Three soldiers killed in clashes between STC factions in Aden/Almashehad Allkhaleeji

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