The army repels a ferocious Houthi attack in Serwah: Press Summary

The army repels a ferocious Houthi attack in Serwah: Press Summary

  1. The army repelled this Wednesday a ferocious Houthi attack in the front of Serwah of Marib/Multiple websites
  2. Local sources in the occupied Sana'a have said the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia is summoning a neighborhood leaders in Sana'a to force them to mobilize young men and minors to the summer sectarian radicalization centers despite the militia's declared agreement with the UN in mid-Ramadan to neutralize children from participation in combat/Nafidhat Alyemen website.
  3. The Houthi militia fire heavy shells into Taiz neighborhoods, while failing to keep up their end of the truce agreement to allow road access to the long besieged city/Multiple websites
  4. The governmental negotiating team said talks with Houthis in Jordan over ending the Taiz siege have been delayed to next Saturday as the Houthis persist with delay tactics/Multiple websites
  5. Two soldiers were killed and others were injured in a bomb that ripped off their military pickup car in Shabwa on Tuesday/Multiple websites

  6. Member of the newly formed Commission on Consultations and Reconciliations in Aden Mustafa Noaman withdraws for being unable to "play any role that contradicts with my conscience."!/Multiple websites

  7. Shabwa's security forces on high alert to track down the perpetrators of terrorist attacks/24 Post
  8. The people in Aden face a military parade by the STC militia with mockery/Voice of Yemen
  9. Yemen's Information Minister accuses the Houthi militants of intransigent rejection to lifting the Taiz siege despite the

government's made concessions/Almashehad Alkhaeeji


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