Houthi sniper guns down child in besieged Taiz: Press Summary

Houthi sniper guns down child in besieged Taiz: Press Summary

  1. A Houthis sniper shot injured a 15 year old boy in Keabah neighborhood in the besieged [centra Yemen] city of Taiz on Friday evening/Multiple websites.
  2. A social media campaign using the hashtag #Besieging_Taiz_is_a_crime has just been launched/Taiz Time
  3. A statement from the governmental committee negotiating with Houthi militants over ending the Taiz siege says Houthis are avoiding the commitment to open the blocked roads to Taiz.
  4. The government delegation threatens to withdraw from the talks with Houthis since they are not willing to compromise on ending the Taiz siege/Multiple websites
  5. The Houthi militia in Sana'a assign the tasks of levying nefarious taxes to four senior members/The Arab Network for News
  6. Four protests were organized in Taiz today to appeal for international pressure to end the Houthi seven year siege on the city/ The Arab Network for News
  7. The Houthi (preparatory) military activities in the western coast are in a level unprecedented since the start of the truce/The Western Coast (website)
  8. The siege of Taiz is a crime indicative of the Houthi militia's detachment from all moral vaues/Ababeel Net
  9. The Houthi militia are conducting serious military preparatory activities in Taiz/ Crater Sky




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